These are all short films made during my placement as a VSO volunteer in Gulu, Northern Uganda (see our blog, markandmaryinuganda (and back) for further details). The film making was sponsored by the Gates Foundation as something called ‘Development Advocacy’, an attempt to make ‘Southern Voices’ heard in the West.

The Youth Development Programme (YDP) worked with vocational training colleges: sponsoring unemployed/ unemployable/ vulnerable youth on training courses; helping to set up literacy, numeracy, life skills programmes, community involvement and psycho social support; assisting instructors and senior management in organising the process; working on post training support with the graduated youth themselves. These videos show different parts of the process.

There is also a very personal response to our two years and nine months living in Gulu in a video called: Time spent in Gulu, some glimpses

Graduation at Gulu Disabled Persons Union

Post Training Support interviews

Cultural Dances by Youth Development Programme Students 1

Cultural Dances by Youth Development Programme Students 2

Cultural Dances by Youth Development Programme Students 3

Time spent in Gulu: some glimpses


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